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An exhaustive list of amazing features.

From unlimited calls to call routing and recording, get every CoextroVOICE feature for one low price – no hidden charges or premium feature fees. 

Auto Attendant

CoextroVOICE’s auto attendant automatically greets callers and routes them to their destination with effeciency and professionalism. And unlike a live person, auto attendants can help multiple callers at the same time.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding lets you send calls from one phone to another, so you and your team can take calls from anywhere.

Call Menus

Provide your customers with a clear way to reach the right person or team. Professional call menus automatically navigate callers where they need to go 24/7. It’s as simple as “Press 1 for Sales, or press 2 for Support.”

Call Recording

Record your business calls so you’ll never miss an important call detail again. And with unlimited storage, record as many calls as you like free of charge!

Custom Greetings

Record a professional company greeting to welcome and direct your callers—or we can do it for you! You can even record custom greetings for call transitions, personalized voicemail messages, and commonly requested information like directions or business hours.


Give your customers the convenience of direct access to every employee and department with 4-digit extensions.. Keep your brand strong with one main company number, and add virtual phone extensions so callers easily reach the right person or team.

Smart Routing

With smart routing, create routing rules that automatically know how to handle your calls in different situations. Build call flows that can be as simple as “Send these calls to John,” or as complex as “Offer these calls to Sales for 30 seconds. If no one answers, try All Users for 30 seconds. If still no answer, play out-of-office audio file and send to the shared voicemail box.”


Send callers to voicemail when you’re not available and get your messages delivered to your email, mobile phone, or web app—anytime, anywhere. And with shared voicemail boxes, you can distribute voicemails among team members—it’s great for sales and support teams!

Web + Mobile App

Use CoextroVOICE on any device – no special hardware required. Apps for Android and iOS turns any smartphone into a full-feature business phone system.