SimplTV Announcement

Roku has announced that it will discontinue support for apps such as SimplTV on February 24th, 2022. 

Dear Coextro client,

As you know, it is at the core of Coextro’s mission to provide an affordable alternative to the major players for Canadian consumers, with the objective of providing services that are unavailable anywhere else such as a top-quality local TV service.

In pursuit of that objective, we launched our SimplTV service in June 2018, which we believed was the best Local TV service in the Canadian market.

Unfortunately, Roku has announced that it will cease support for private channels such as our SimplTV service and will remove all private channels on February 24th, 2022. What this means is that the Coextro SimplTV service will cease working on February 24th, 2022. 

We are extremely disappointed with this news and our appeals to Roku were not successful. Their new strategy is to only allow apps that are available to all of their subscribers and not on private networks such as ours. 

We hope you have enjoyed this innovative product and we thank you for your support. We are looking at other new products and services to offer our valued clients so keep an eye on our social media feeds. 

Thank you for choosing Coextro. 

Coextro Customer Care



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