Vmedia TV Price Update


We have received the following information from Vmedia, our TV supplier. Please read below to see how this affects you. 

Dear TV Subscriber,

 The central focus of our mission is to provide the best price and value for monthly internet and TV services. For this reason, it is with regret that we advise our loyal subscribers of our need to adjust pricing when we face increasing costs.


Over the past year, we have made substantial new investments in our network and delivery mechanisms to maximize the quality of your TV service.


TV programming costs themselves, in particular sports, US channels, and premium programming, continue to rise well beyond any cost of living benchmark. The increases are so great that in order to continue to be able to offer the best packages at the most affordable prices in the market, we will not be passing all those additional costs on, but will absorb part of them, reducing our margins.


For these reasons, we will be adjusting the cost of your services as of March 2020. We believe this to be modest and fair, in view of the increasing expenses relating to those services, and we hope you will agree this is the case. As always, our costs reflect the total price you pay, and there are no hidden fees or additional charges on your invoice.


The cost of your main TV package will be as follows and will take effect as of March 1, 2020.

Canadian Basic Package – New Price – $39.95

Canadian Premium Basic Package – New Price – $52.95

The Grand Premium – $70.95

We remain committed to providing you with the best prices and value for these services in the market. Even with our adjustment, our prices remain very competitive, and we hope you will continue to enjoy our services far into the future.


Thank you for your continuing loyalty and support. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



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