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We are an internet provider in Scarborough that operate a world-class network built on fibre optic technology offering high-speed and reliable services all across Scarborough and Ontario.

Enticing Internet Plans – from one of the Best Internet Providers in Scarborough

Why Choose Us as your Internet Provider in Scarborough?

Hybrid Fibre Optic Network

Fibre optic connection straight to your neighbourhood and straight to the unit in select condos.

Free and Easy Installation

No contracts and free installation on all plans.

Unlimited, Uninterrupted Data

Unlimited data usage without receiving any overage charge.

Coextro is the one of the most preferred internet providers in Scarborough, and is popular for the various options of unlimited high-speed internet.

We offer hybrid Fibre, DSL or Cable internet services, focusing on affordability and the best customer service.

 Scarborough is home to cultural diversity. Its competitive, diverse and connected economy is strong to meet the changing economic conditions of the future and also to create exponential growth in the coming decades. It strongly focuses on job creation and the potential to welcome thousands of new residents and new jobs.

 Therefore, to support and boost the economic growth of Scarborough, its people need an unlimited, uninterrupted, high-speed internet provider that understands their requirements and also provides reliable services.

Being one of the best internet providers in Scarborough, Coextro offers high-speed hybrid fibre service that fulfills the requirements and is also not heavy on the pockets for everyone in the city.

Here’s What We Offer as One of the Best Internet Providers in Scarborough



Digital world is becoming faster day by day and hence high-speed internet has been in demand. Coextro offers many high-speed internet plans that fit every need.

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Fibre Optic, DSL and cable internet are very reliable methods of internet services, hence being the internet providers in Scarborough, we ensure to offer the most reliable internet services. 

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Our prices are extremely affordable and competitive with other internet providers in Scarborough. Furthermore, we focus on providing customer satisfaction and the best service possible.

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We Know What You’re Looking for!

We love the high-speed internet and unlimited data as much as you do!

As one of the best internet providers in Scarborough, we strive to provide high-quality Internet and Phone services at affordable prices with a focus on customer experience and satisfaction.

At Coextro we believe in the internet without limits!

Great value for money

Easy and quick service.

No contracts or hidden fees.

Here’s What Our Happy Customers Say About US

Choose Coextro to become a happy and satisfied internet user in Scarborough!

I would never accept substandard services for the cheap prices. And fortunately Coextro offers both good services and competitive price. I have been using them for 2+ years. Great services and speed. Hasn’t had a single technical issue with them. There was only one billing issue but they fixed it fast without any b*s*. Their customer services are also as good as the big ones (reasonable wait time, clear spoken English and good attitude). Have recommended them to a few friends and they are all happy so far. Well done, keep going

Xiang Pang

#stellarcustomerservice I cannot be happier! Saving truck loads of money from the competition and the service is fantastic! Faster service, friendlier service, more knowledgeable passionate employees who clearly enjoy their working environment.

Matthew Bilak

Enjoy Unlimited Data with the Best Internet Providers in Scarborough

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