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Protection & Security

Know that your home is safe from intruders and internal damage.


Smart Cameras

Be aware from anywhere. See what’s happening in and around your home from your phone

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Power & Lighting

Increase control and the options at your disposal for everyday functions.

Pay Monthly – Recieve thousands of dollars worth of high end devices without lofty upfront payments

Installation Services – Get professional installation, device setup and tutorials for $99 or install yourself with our video instructions

Create Your Own Package

These are the products and monthly costs to have them. Any number and combination of devices can be acquired on a 2 year contract.

Devices Available:

  Video Doorbell


Safely see who or what is at your front door from anywhere with our smart video doorbell.

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  Smart Plug


Have your coffee brewed when you wake up, your appliances shut off at bedtime, and control your lighting when you are out.

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Coloured Bulb


Control this smart light bulb’s color temperature to pick yourself up on a bad day, or find the perfect tone to help you relax.

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LED Strip


Have a party or set a vibe with LEDs that automatically sync to your music. Over 16 million colors to choose from!

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Fold-able Indoor Camera


Concerned about something or someone in your home while you’re not there? Just open your phone and see exactly what’s happening live.

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                                                                            Outdoor Solar Camera


Always be aware of whats happening outside of your home and never worry about your security going offline.

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Smart Lock


Your kids lost their keys? An unexpected guest arrived when you’re not home? Forgot to Lock your door? No problem.

Unlock or lock your door from anywhere in the world at the tap of a button with the smart home app.

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Security Kit


Deter home invaders and receive notifications if anyone tries to enter your home.

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Leak Detector


Never stress about water damage occurring without you knowing. It is that simple.

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Manage with your app

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Flexible, easy installation


Schedule when your devices operate

Why Choose Coextro for your Smart Home Needs?


We know how difficult entering the smart home market can be for the first time. We provide a no hassle service that removes all stress and uncertainty from getting you started on your smart home journey.


One of the largest barriers for first time smart home consumers is the cost to get started. We offer top of the line products and services for afforable prices. We are a company for the everyday people.


New technology can bring challenges that may be too overwhelming for some people. We provide customer service throughout your smart home journey. From consultation, to installation, and after your smart home services have been setup, Coextro is here to support you.

Ready to get started or have questions? 

View Terms & Conditions

2.2. This is an agreement between you and Coextro & Easy Smart Home Inc. It sets out the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the home security equipment, personal security and safety alerts and home automation system control services Coextro & Easy Smart Home provides (the “Services”). The Service Terms, together with Coextro & Easy Smart Home rules and policies applying to the use of the Services, form the agreement between you and Coextro & Easy Smart Home for the Services (the “Agreement”).


By using the Services you are agreeing to the terms of this Agreement. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE SERVICE TERMS, YOU MAY NOT USE THE SERVICES. For the purposes of these Service Terms, “you” refers to the person or business whose name appears on the bill.


Coextro & Easy Smart Home reserves the right to amend any term of this Agreement, including rates and additional charges, at any time by giving 30 days’ notice. Coextro & Easy Smart Home will notify you of amendments to this Agreement by posting notice of the amendment at easysmarthome.ca/plans or by sending you notice on your monthly bill or email bill notice that this Agreement has been amended, directing to where the amendment may be consulted. If you have access to the Internet, it is your responsibility to go to the Service Web Site at least every month in order to become aware of any amendments posted on the site, and you agree to consult any amendments notified to you in accordance with the directions received on your monthly bill or email bill notice. You are not obliged to continue using the Services after an amendment to this Agreement is made; however, in the event you choose not to accept the changes, your sole remedy is to cancel the Services, effective at the end of your current billing period. Cancellation fees may apply. Your continued use of the Services following any amendment shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the amended Agreement, waiver of any additional notice requirements and agreement to pay for the Services in accordance with the amended Agreement.



a) Services

If you subscribe to Coextro & Easy Smart Home services, Coextro & Easy Smart Home will provide you with the ability to monitor activities within your premises remotely through various sensors installed on your premises and connected to the network facilities of your telecommunications service provider, and to program access, heating, lighting and other control systems within your premises. Each monitoring or control function requires a separate piece of equipment that you are responsible for purchasing and installing. If you purchase additional equipment through the Coextro & Easy Smart Home Security mobile application, for example, you could purchase additional cameras or sensors to add to your Coextro & Easy Smart Home service subscription, your purchase will become part of, and will be subject to the provisions of these Service Terms.

b) Equipment

Coextro & Easy Smart Home is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of facilities or equipment owned by you. The Services require electrical or battery power to operate, which you must supply at no charge to Coextro & Easy Smart Home, and you acknowledge and accept that you may lose service during a power outage unless you supply, install and maintain at your own expense a battery backup power system.

If you use a security device, you must test the device battery and connection once a month, and replace the device before its battery loses power. As a courtesy, security users may be notified in the Coextro & Easy Smart Home app when the battery power is low, and you must act quickly to replace the device if you receive such notification.

c) Billing

Coextro & Easy Smart Home will provide you with a monthly bill in electronic format made available to you over the Internet, setting forth the charges incurred for use of the Services. Coextro & Easy Smart Home makes your bill available over the Internet, so it is your responsibility to check every month for your bills. Regularly recurring charges are billed in advance. If your bill is lost or if you do not receive a bill, you are still responsible for making the required payment to Coextro & Easy Smart Home.

If you purchase additional equipment through the Coextro & Easy Smart Home application, the cost will be added to your upcoming monthly bill after your purchase. You can return equipment purchased through the Coextro & Easy Smart Home application within 30 days of your purchase date by contacting Coextro & Easy Smart Home at 888-560-6768 and the charge will be credited on your upcoming monthly bill.



a) Requesting Service

You must supply all facilities and equipment necessary to connect your facilities and equipment to Coextro & Easy Smart Home network facilities, including all wiring inside your premises and all monitoring and system control devices. All facilities and equipment you supply must meet the technical standards for certification established by Industry Canada. You are responsible for all charges properly billed by Coextro & Easy Smart Home to you. You are responsible for setting and securing any passwords used to restrict access to the sensors and control equipment used with the Services. You are responsible for complying with local bylaws and strata regulations governing the installation and operation of home security monitoring systems. 

b) Acceptable Use

You may not resell the Services nor directly or indirectly charge any person for the use of the Services, or re-arrange, disconnect, remove, repair, or otherwise interfere with any Coextro & Easy Smart Home facilities or equipment. You may not use the Services to harass or violate the reasonable privacy expectations of any person. You also agree not to threaten, abuse or harass any Coextro & Easy Smart Home customer representative.


(If you experience five or more false alarms in any one-month period, Coextro & Easy Smart Home may require that a technician visit your premises to diagnose the issue. Standard fees apply. If a technician visit is not scheduled with thirty days or the issue is unable to be resolved, Coextro & Easy Smart Homemay suspend your account until the issue is resolved.)


c) Fees and Other Charges

The Services are provided to you subject to payment of all applicable service rates and any additional charges identified to you at the time you applied for the Services or otherwise in accordance with these Service Terms, including installation and activation fees, together with all applicable taxes and other government charges. Additional charges authorised by these Service Terms may be charged on a one-time, monthly or per-use basis, as Coextro & Easy Smart Home may determine from time to time. 


d) Service Changes 

(services can be changed but charges may apply)

(You may change your Services at any time. Charges for recurring monthly Services billed prior to the cancellation will not be refunded. Charges for additional recurring monthly Services will be reduced in the first month to reflect the number of days remaining until your next invoice. Pay per use Services and one time charges are applied at the current rates at the time of use, which are available at easysmarthome.com and may change without notice.)


e) Payment for the Services

All bills are due upon receipt. Bills made available through the internet are received when they are posted. Late payment charges of 3% compounded monthly (42.58% per annum) will be applied if payment is not received by the date shown on the account statement except in the respect of non-forborne services and customers in Quebec which will be subject to a 2% Late Payment charge compounded monthly (26.82% per annum). Administrative and collection charges may apply, in accordance with Coextro & Easy Smart Home rules and policies, if your account goes into arrears, including as a result of returned or rejected payments or your failure to inform Coextro & Easy Smart Home of any change to your account information for pre-authorized payments. A $25 administration fee plus applicable taxes will be charged to your account for each cheque or pre-authorized payment that is refused by your financial institution for insufficient funds. If you subscribe to a pre-authorized payment method, you waive pre-notification of the amounts and dates of debits from your account. Coextro & Easy Smart Home may require you to make interim payments for non-recurring charges you have incurred in the period between two monthly bills, for such Services as are identified to you with the demand for payment. The grace period for the payment of charges so identified expires three days after you receive the demand for payment.


f) Deposit Requirements

Coextro & Easy Smart Home may require a security deposit from you if you clearly present an abnormal risk of loss. Coextro & Easy Smart Home will credit your account monthly with interest on any security deposit required by Coextro & Easy Smart Home, at a rate equal to the rate established on January 1 and July 1 of each year for daily interest savings accounts at a chartered Canadian bank. Coextro & Easy Smart Home may apply any portion of the security deposit against unpaid charges on your account at any time and, upon termination of this Agreement or where the conditions justifying the security deposit no longer apply, will refund any outstanding security deposit, with accrued interest, retaining only the amount then owing on your account.

g) Indemnity

You are responsible for any damages to Coextro & Easy Smart Home facilities or equipment located on your property and premises however caused, including by your use of the property or premises, or by the actions of any person, whether authorised or not to be on the property or premises.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you agrees to indemnify, defend, release and hold Coextro & Easy Smart Home, and its subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and licensors, and any of their respective affiliates, shareholders, , partners, directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively the “indemnified parties”), harmless from and against (i) all claims, actions, lawsuits and any other legal action brought by any third party against any of the indemnified parties arising in any way from the services (a “third party action”); and (ii) any and all related losses, damages, settlements and judgments (including payment of attorneys’ fees and costs of any of the indemnified parties) incurred by, assessed or found against, or made by any of the indemnified parties relating to or arising from any such third party action (“third party related losses”), even if such third party action and third party related losses arise from the negligence of any kind or degree of any of the indemnified parties, breach of contract or warranty, strict liability or any other theory of liability. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the third-party indemnification obligation shall not apply to any willful, wanton or intentional misconduct of any of the indemnified parties, or any other wrongdoing where applicable law does not permit indemnification.



You agree that the Coextro & Easy Smart Home Privacy Commitment, available for inspection at easysmarthome.ca/privacy-policy-1, as it may be updated from time to time (the “Coextro & Easy Smart Home Privacy Commitment”), shall apply to your use of the Services. You hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure by Coextro & Easy Smart Home and its agents of your personal information, and the personal information of others that you provide, collected in connection with provision and/or use of the Services, for the purposes identified in the Coextro & Easy Smart Home Privacy Commitment and acknowledge that those purposes include the exchange of your account and usage information with other Coextro & Easy Smart Home companies and their affiliates or dealers, for the purpose of offering additional services or products to meet your communications and entertainment needs.

By using the Services and incurring charges for such use, you authorise Coextro & Easy Smart Home to obtain information about your credit history from credit reporting agencies, credit grantors and other Coextro & Easy Smart Home companies from time to time, and consent to the disclosure of your credit history with Coextro & Easy Smart Home to such entities at any time.

You agree to provide us with your current email address (and to inform us if that email address changes) so we can provide you with tools and services to manage your Coextro & Easy Smart Home account, communicate with you about account-related items on a timely basis, provide news and offers from Coextro & Easy Smart Home and its partners, and seek your views on Coextro & Easy Smart Home products and services. In addition, with respect to home security monitoring and personal safety alert services, you agree to provide Coextro & Easy Smart Home with up to date address, emergency contacts and any relevant health information you choose to be conveyed to emergency personnel and consent for this information to be provided to companies providing the services.



a) No Warranties

The Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Your use of the Services is at your sole risk. Coextro & Easy Smart Home does not guarantee timely, secure, error-free or uninterrupted service or receipt of material or messages transmitted over or through the networks of other companies. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Coextro & Easy Smart Home disclaims all warranties, representations, guarantees and conditions (express, implied or statutory) relating to the Services, including any warranty of fitness for any particular use or purpose you intend for the Services, even if you have communicated such intention to Coextro & Easy Smart Home. If you subscribe to security monitoring services, you agree that Coextro & Easy Smart Home is not an insurer and that it is your obligation to maintain adequate insurance coverage.


b) Limitation of Liability

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, you hereby agree that neither Coextro & Easy Smart Home, nor its subcontractors (including any central monitoring station providing monitoring services), suppliers, vendors and licensors, or any of their respective affiliates, shareholders, partners, directors, officers, employees and agents (collectively the “Coextro & Easy Smart Home Parties”), shall be liable for any consequential, punitive, indirect incidental, lost profits or special damage or losses arising from, or related to, the services. ****With respect to any direct damages, you agree that the maximum liability of the Coextro & Easy Smart Home parties is limited to a sum not to exceed the greater of: (1) two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00); or (ii) the fees paid by you to Coextro & Easy Smart Home for the particular services giving rise to the claim in the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the occurrence giving rise to the claim. This limitation of liability clause applies to any of the following wrongdoing of any of the Coextro & Easy Smart Home parties arising from or related to the Services: breach of contract, negligence of any kind or degree, strict product liability or any other theory of liability. This limitation of liability shall not apply to any willful, wanton or intentional misconduct, of any other wrongdoing where applicable law does not permit limitation of liability.


c) Termination and Suspension

Upon the expiry of the term of this Agreement, your Services will continue on a month to month basis until you notify Coextro & Easy Smart Home that you wish to cancel service. The terms and conditions then applicable, including all rates and charges, will apply to your month to month service.

You may terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying Coextro & Easy Smart Home of the date you want the cancellation to be effective. Cancellation fees may apply. If you cancel your service or if Coextro & Easy Smart Home cancels it for any of the reasons listed below, you remain responsible for any applicable cancellation charges and for all amounts chargeable to your account up to the time the service is cancelled. Any recurring charges that were billed at the beginning of your billing cycle or any credit balance under five dollars will not be refunded when your service is cancelled. If you want the Services reconnected after cancellation, a reconnection fee may apply.

Coextro & Easy Smart Home may suspend the Services if you contravene any provision of these Service Terms, including your obligation to pay for the Services as charges become due. Coextro & Easy Smart Home may terminate the Services (i) immediately and without notice, where Coextro &  Easy Smart Home determines that the action is necessary to protect the network from harm or to prevent fraud, (ii) if you do not remedy any other breach of these Service Terms within 15 days of receiving written notice of the breach from Coextro & Easy Smart Home, (iii) if you become a bankrupt or, if you are a business customer, a receiver or receiver-manager is appointed to manage the affairs of your business, or (iv) for any reason, upon 30 days written notice to you. Upon termination of the Services, Coextro & Easy Smart Home shall have no obligation to maintain any voicemail messages, contact information or other content related to your use of the Services and you agree that all such messages, information and content may be deleted immediately without notice to you

d) Arbitration

If you use the Services in the operation of a business, any claim, other than the collection of amounts owing to Coextro & Easy Smart Home, relating to (i) your Agreement; (ii) use of the Services or any equipment used with the Services; (iii) sales materials or advertising relating to the Services or any equipment used with the Services; or (iv) relationships with third parties arising through use of the Services, must be referred to private and confidential arbitration before a single arbitrator chosen by the parties, subject to any dispute resolution procedure established by Canadian telecommunications service providers generally to address customer complaints. The expense of arbitration will be shared equally. Notice to arbitrate a claim should be sent to Coextro & Easy Smart Home, 5127 Tomken Rd Mississauga Ontario L4W 1P1, Attention: General Counsel. The arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the current rules relating to commercial arbitration in the province in which you reside. Additionally, you waive any right you may have to start or participate in any class action against Coextro & Easy Smart Home and you agree to opt out of any class proceeding against Coextro & Easy Smart Home.


e) Miscellaneous

The federal laws and regulations of Canada, and applicable provincial laws and regulations, govern this Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement without Coextro &Easy Smart Home prior written consent. If any provision of these Service Terms is prohibited or unenforceable in certain circumstances, the remaining Service Terms shall apply and be construed in those circumstances as if such provision had never been written. The failure of Coextro & Easy Smart Home to require or enforce strict performance of any provision of these Service Terms in a particular instance shall not be construed, in other circumstances, as a waiver of any right conferred upon Coextro & Easy Smart Home.

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