Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy a connection without limits, where speed becomes your best ally? Welcome to Coextro, your gateway to the extraordinary realm of unlimited internet in Ontario.


What is Unlimited Internet?

Unlimited internet refers to an internet service where there are no restrictions or limits on the amount of data a user can consume during a specific period, usually in a month. In other words, users can use the internet connection without worrying about exceeding a predefined data limit.

At Coextro, we strive to offer a restriction-free experience where speed and stability are the cornerstones. Imagine exploring the web, streaming content in high definition, and connecting with your loved ones without worrying about data limits. That’s precisely what Coextro’s unlimited internet provides.


Is Unlimited Internet in Ontario expensive?

The cost of unlimited internet in Ontario, Canada, can vary significantly based on factors such as the internet service provider (ISP), type of connection, and connection speed. Different providers offer various plans and packages, and the pricing landscape can be influenced by several factors.


  1. Type of Connection: The technology used for the internet connection plays a role in determining the cost. Fiber-optic connections, known for high speeds and reliability, may be more expensive compared to DSL or cable connections.
  2. Connection Speed: The offered download and upload speeds can impact pricing. Providers typically offer a range of speed options to cater to diverse user needs.
  3. Bundled Services and Promotions: Providers often offer bundled packages that include additional services like cable television or home phone. These bundles can affect the overall price and may come with promotional discounts.
  4. Contract Duration: Some providers offer lower prices for customers willing to commit to long-term contracts, while others may prefer month-to-month arrangements without long-term commitments.

Is Unlimited Internet only available to Businesses?

No, unlimited internet is not exclusively available for enterprises. Many internet service providers offer unlimited data plans for both residential and business customers. Coextro’s plans are designed to provide users with unrestricted access to the internet without worrying about data caps or overage charges.

At Coextro, we are a telecom company that provides internet services to both residential and business customers. We offer a range of plans, including unlimited internet, to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our plans are adapted to individuals and households as well as companies or businesses.


Speed as a Key Factor

When it comes to unlimited internet, speed is crucial. Our commitment at Coextro is to provide speeds that defy expectations. With cutting-edge technology, we ensure a seamless connection that allows you to multitask, download large files, and enjoy online gaming without interruptions. 

Does Unlimited Internet in Ontario guarantee fast speeds?

Unlimited internet plans usually mean that you can use as much data as you want without incurring additional charges for exceeding a certain limit. However, the speed of your internet connection is a separate consideration.

The speed of your internet connection depends on various factors, including the type of internet technology (DSL, cable, fiber-optic, etc.), your service provider, and the specific plan you choose. 

The speed of your connection determines how quickly you can load web pages, stream multimedia content, conduct video conferences, download files, and perform other online activities. Speed is commonly measured in megabits per second (Mbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps).


What do Mbps and Gbps mean?

Mbps and Gbps are units of measurement for the data transfer rate in a network. These acronyms stand for the following:


  1. Mbps: Megabits per second. A megabit is a unit of data measurement equivalent to one million bits. When referring to Mbps, it measures the data transfer speed in millions of bits per second. It is a common unit used to express internet connection speeds.
  2. Gbps: Gigabits per second. A gigabit is equal to one billion bits. Therefore, Gbps measures the data transfer speed in billions of bits per second. This unit is typically used to describe extremely fast internet connection speeds, such as those provided by some high-speed fiber-optic connections.


Mbps and Gbps are indicators of data transfer speed in a network, with Gbps being a thousand times faster than Mbps. When selecting an internet plan, a higher speed in Mbps or Gbps generally signifies a faster connection capable of handling more demanding online tasks as well as more devices at a time.


Advantages of Choosing Coextro for Unlimited Internet:


  1. No Long-Term Contracts: At Coextro, we understand that flexibility is key. That’s why we don’t tie you down to long-term contracts. You can enjoy the freedom to switch or cancel your plan at any time, adapting to your needs.
  2. 24/7 Customer Support: We take pride in offering exceptional customer service. With assistance available 24/7, you can rest assured that we’re here to address any queries or issues you may have.
  3. Transparent Fees: Forget unpleasant surprises on your bill. At Coextro, we maintain transparency in our fees so you know exactly what you’re paying for. No hidden charges or surprises at the end of the month.


In summary, unlimited internet in Ontario goes beyond a mere connection when you choose Coextro. It’s the gateway to a world where speed and freedom come together to provide an unparalleled experience. Break free from data limits and dive into a new era of connectivity.