However, since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, almost every aspect of our lives has been affected in one way or another. The past two years have been difficult for the local business community too, to stay afloat. These local businesses have thrived in these difficult times and have managed to survive by providing us with their best products and services.


The Readers’ Choice Awards is about celebrating Toronto’s favorite businesses powered by highly driven and committed individuals. These favorite businesses are everything from a Chiropractor, to car dealerships or even museums. The industries covered under these business are:

  • Automotive
  • Entertainment
  • Food/Drinks/Grocery
  • Health/Wellness/Fitness/Beauty
  • Home/Home Improvement
  • People/Professionals
  • Professional Services
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping

People of Toronto trust and acknowledge some of their favorite brands more than others, as people keep coming back to them.

In a year where local businesses and services needed people’s support more than ever, it matters that people show how much these products or services matter to them.


We feel proud and delighted to share that the people of Toronto have chosen, trusted and acknowledged us over other brands as their internet service provider and thus we have won the Platinum award for the Best Internet Service Provider.

This is a boost to our hardwok, commitment, dedication and passions towards our business and the community we serve. We would continue to do the same and provide the best possible internet service to you all!