There is nothing more frustrating than having an unstable internet connection. Whether you’re working, studying, or streaming your favourite TV shows, finding your internet is freezing or continuously dropping out is a huge disruption.

Thankfully, if you are finding that your internet is painfully slow, then there are ways that you can improve it. We thought we would take a closer look at some of the top tips to help you improve your internet speed.



How to test your connection

Before looking at the best tips to improve your internet speeds, it is a good idea to first test to find your current levels. To do this, you should visit speedtest.net, which will be able to reveal how your internet connection is currently performing.

When testing your connection, you should make sure that you are testing using a wired connection and with nothing else running or operating on your computer. You should also test it throughout the day, as speeds can fluctuate. At peak times, when there are more people in your area using the same network at the same time, your internet speeds can slow down.

How to improve your internet speeds

If you have tested your connection and found that it is slowing down during certain times, then are some top tips that you can follow to try and improve the connection:


1. Move your router

There can be many external factors that impact the strength of your wireless connection. Walls, doors, and objects, alongside interference from other electronic devices such as microwaves and baby monitors, can significantly impact the quality of the signal your computer enjoys.

That is why to maximize performance; you should try to place your router up higher, ideally on top of a bookshelf, to ensure its signal is not interrupted by any other object. To ensure you are able to enjoy a good signal throughout the house, try to place it in a central location.

2. Clean up your computer

Noticing you have a good signal, but your internet connection is still slow? It could be that your computer needs cleaning up. You could well have lots of applications connecting to the internet every time you start your computer, without you even realizing it.

From security scans and updates to instant messaging services, they can all be slowing your connection down. That is why you should review which applications are opening that you are not actively using, and you should also delete old files and clear your browser history.

3. Use wires
While wireless is very convenient, it might not be giving you the best speeds. If you are struggling with slow speeds, then consider switching to a wired connection. An ethernet cable will be able to transmit data at a far faster rate than wireless can, while you will also enjoy less interference from other users.

4. Use a wireless booster
If you want to increase your internet speeds, then you could also consider a wireless booster. These are designed to increase the signal throughout your home, removing any blackspots where the signal might be weak or non-existent.

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