We’re all aware of the fact that internet service providers have had a negative impression for customer services, and sometimes for good reason. Some internet providers do offer misleading rates, hidden charges, overage charges,  employ high-pressure sales tactics, and of course, many providers lock their customers into services they don’t want or need through contracts. This article talks about how Coextro aims to change what Ontario thinks of internet service providers, and how we have been striving to provide the best possible service for all Ontarians.

We’re aware of the paint points customers face for their internet services at home as well as for businesses.  Let us walk you through those problems and how we are transforming the customer experience for internet, home phone, and TV services.

We’re Aware & Understand What Ontarians Expect from Internet Service Providers

High-speed unlimited internet has become one of the most important needs and demands for most Ontarians. With work-from-home being introduced in our lives, fast and high quality data is required not just in the bigger cities but also the smaller ones like Windsor, etc. Fiber-optic based internet is simple to upgrade to and is known for various advantages other than providing high internet speeds.

We love the Internet as much as you do and once upon a time, we too were customers of the ‘other internet service providers’. Hence we are well aware of what it’s like to be provided sub-par services for your hard earned money. Here are the aspects that we Ontarians look for or expect from internet service providers, and how Coextro fulfills it:

●       Promotional Pricing

Many companies raise prices on customers to keep up with the inflation or to match the competitors pricing. However, we evidently promote affordable pricing with multiple internet plans to choose from, as per your requirement.

●       Different Pricing

We’ve often heard people saying, “My neighbor pays less than I do for the same service.” Well, you’ll never hear that again if you and your neighbor both have Coextro as your ISP! If you and your neighbor have the same service, you pay the same price. We offer the same transparent pricing to all our customers across Ontario. Which city do you need internet service in?

●       Overage Cost

We offer easy and quick installation with no overage costs. Whereas a lot of companies do force customers to pay more for exceeding their data limit.

●       Balance Between Price and Speed

The internet plan that you choose needs to be suitable for your usage and requirement. We offer a good balance between speed and price with our multiple internet plan options to choose from. Choosing the cheapest broadband service provider can be tempting, but you could end up spending too much on bandwidth you’ll never use. Some internet service providers charge for installation and accessories, whereas others offer discounts to help pay those prices.

●       Usage

Just because speed is marketed by ISPs, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get speed. Coextro is making sure to provide fibre optic service in different cities across Ontario to meet the usage pattern of various households and businesses. Fibre optic customers have access to networks of more than 1,000 megabits (Mbps) per second. It’s definitely worth checking if fibre optic service is available in your area.

●       Customer Service

The responses and the guidance that ISPs provide is proof of their customer service quality. Not all customers can wait a couple of days for the for new hardware to be delivered, and a reliable service provider knows that. Choosing the best internet service provider is one of the most important decisions you can make considering their customer service. Our customers trust us and rely on us for our fast service and responsive customer support.


Our Mantra is to Provide the Best Possible Service to Ontarians

Out of several internet service providers in Ontario, Coextro is one of the best fibre-optic based internet providers offering high quality internet and phone services at affordable prices. We strive to offer the best customer experience and satisfaction, making us a reliable service provider.

Our mantra for our internet service is:

  • Great value for money.
  • Quick, easy and hassle-free in-home installations.
  • Highest quality internet.


We make the decision making on Ontarians for choosing an internet service provider easier by offering what they are looking for. Having a suitable internet provider is one of the important decisions to make in today’s times to keep your home or business up, running and connected.


If you’ve dealt with some of the larger providers out there, there might be chances that you have had a bad experience. From stifling contracts and pushy salespeople, to deceptive prices, dealing with a company to set up your internet, TV and phone can be really stressful and we do understand that.

Coextro is a breath of fresh air when it comes to customer service for Ontarians. We proudly and confidently stand by our values and our services and will continue doing everything possible to make our customers experience stress free.


Feel free to reach us to know more about our internet service, affordable plans or for any other concerns.