For businesses and homes, internet access is just as important as other utilities, where this internet access is used for everything from customer communication (email, VOIP, etc) to various processing.

Similarly, with the growth of digitization, usage of the internet at home has tremendously increased, for work, entertainment, gaming and many other activities.

Your internet service provider is your gateway to the internet and everything you do on the internet. You can have all the latest devices like smartphones, laptops, ipads etc. but without a subscription with an internet service provider, you won’t have a connection to the internet and can’t really use your devices to their full potential.

When you’re choosing an internet service provider there are a few aspects to consider and compare between the options available in your area.


Here are a few aspects to consider while choosing an internet service provider:

1.     Availability

Before you figure out what kind of internet best suits your needs, you need to know what your options are available in your location or in the area you’re located. High-speed cables, and fibre connections can seem impressive, but you might not be able to benefit from these if the provider does not service your area. With this in mind, you might want to start your search by using a finder that can help you to check the availability of the internet provider, using your address or postal code.


2.     Speed and Bandwidth

Waiting for hours just for the download to complete can be annoying. Depending on the type of usage of your internet, whether you need a higher uploading speed or more downloading speed or both , you can choose the service provider accordingly. That being said, make sure to know that you don’t go overboard with speed that you don’t really need because not all high-speed internet providers are reasonable.

Furthermore, some of the internet providers also offer more bandwidth for download speed as compared to the upload speed.  Make sure to check these points before you sign up for it, and if it matches your needs then you opt for the suitable speed and bandwidth.

3.     Type of Connection

When it comes to the type of connection, you’ll have a few different options and you need to select the one that is most suitable to your needs:

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)- typically this is the most affordable option, however, your DSL speed depends on where you’re located in relation to your provider. As the distance increases, the weaker your connection will be.
  • Cable- The speed of cable internet is very good and the stability and reliability is almost as good as fibre-optic cable. The advantage of this option is that it is generally available in most residences.
  • Fiber-optic- Generally this is the fastest internet connection, however, it is not available in every location. You may have to check the availability of fibre optic internet in your area first and then opt for it if available.

4.     Transparent Pricing

Cost is of course one of the primary factors to consider for deciding an internet service provider. Speed is something you’ll want to consider,  however, higher speeds will result in a higher monthly cost. But, with Coextro as your internet service provider, you are offered various internet plans with no hidden charges.

5.     Reliability

An unreliable internet service provider is something to completely avoid especially if you’re working from home when all your work is wholly dependent on internet usage. The best way to find out about the reliability of a certain internet service provider is to check out reviews from customers in an internet service provider’s website, or as others in your area, and see what their experience has been. It’s important to remember that a provider alone cannot make their internet reliable, other factors such as adverse weather may also affect the internet connection sometimes.

6.     Service and Support

You may not also be the most tech-savvy person and may tend to have questions about troubleshooting your internet connection. No matter how reliable your service provider is, you may face hiccups sometimes. Hence, here’s where good customer service matters! You can usually come to know how an internet service provider is, after you’ve had a conversation with them, especially if you have questions. You can also go through the customer reviews or consult friends to find a provider with a good reputation for prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Coextro?

Out of several internet service providers in Canada, Coextro is one of the best fibre-optic based internet providers in Ontario offering high quality internet and phone services at affordable prices. We focus on customer experience and satisfaction, making them a reliable service provider.

Here’s why Coextro is the one of the most preferred internet providers in Ontario:

  • We offer great value for money with multiple affordable internet plans, suitable to your needs.
  • We provide quick, easy and hassle-free in-home installations for fibre services, as we have our own technicians for the service.
  • Highest quality internet focusing on market neutrality, and customer needs.

Choosing the most suitable internet provider is one of the important  decisions to make in today’s times to keep your home or business connected. With some research you can curate your own list based on the above mentioned factors and can then go on to make an informed decision choosing the right service provider.

We hope this article has been helping in understanding the various factors to be considered while choosing an internet service provider. Feel free to reach us to know more about internet service, affordable plans or for any other concerns.

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